Friday Favorites

|| o n e ||

I'm (so so so so) glad I bought this mask variety pack. I've blogged before about what a fan I am of Peter Thomas Roth and have wanted to try the 24K gold mask forever. It so far has not disappointed. Maybe if I'm ambitious enough I may do a review on all of them. Maybe. I'm sure you're all just dying to hear my mediocre reviews on it... 

|| t w o || 

I've had my very-tired-eyes on this little tutu for a long time for Olivia. It runs small so size up but so far her and I can't get enough of it. So much so that she won't let me wash it after going on 5+ wears. 

|| t h r e e || 

Every winter we have a DIY project or two that we do around the house. This fall/winter I'm tackling two: installing wainscoting in the dining room and this: 

The picture on the left is exactly what my banister looks like right now. Wish me the utmost luck because Lord knows I need it. 
Someone's been watching a liiiiiiitle too much JoAnna Gaines.

|| f o u r || 

I get to cross Carrie Underwood off my concert list bucket list shortly. I love concerts, especially country concerts. My friend and I started a country concert bucket list and Ms. Underwood is finally coming to MN in October. 
Unrelated, but entirely mentionable: My friend is a veterinarian and last year she delivered the animals in the miracle of birth center. When you deliver the animals you get to name them; so the calf that she delivered last year was named Carrie Udderwood. 
She didn't stop there. Her dog's name is James Van Der Bark (who was recently in People magazine) and her bird, a macaw, is named Matthew Macawnaughy. (Get the FUDGE out of town!) 
PS: So scared of birds so I will never go visit Matthew the bird. 
I swear to God, if she doesn't teach that colorful, terrifying thing to say "alright alright alright" then I quit. 
Runner up in the name department: Macawly Culkin. 

 || f i v e ||

It's official - I won. 

We're spending Christmas in Vail this year!

Rich wanted to do Vegas in November. I wanted to do Beaver Creek in December. We have money set aside for one, not both. Vegas is cool and all but I don't like clubs or gambling so I'm never extremely eager to pack my bags for drive thru weddings, hookers, and Elvis impersonators. 
Food and shows are the only things that keep me coming back. I plead my case and the husband agreed that a family trip skiing would make for better memories than leaving them home while mom and dad run off to the strip. 

We went to Beaver Creek 10 years ago and I can't wait to go back with my kids and make more memories. 

21 year old me couldn't get her shit together. I have realllllll high hopes for 31 year old me in the skiing skills department

The view atop a very high mountain looking down at our villa. Of course I cried and peed myself a little 

I've already booked a dog sledding afternoon 

and ski lessons for the kids

and best of all ...... there's daycare services at our villa 

|| s i x || 

That's all folks. If you're in Minnesota, be sure to visit the fair today where after 5pm the fair will be all about celebrating the life of Prince. Purple everything. The fireworks will be purple and will "dance" to his songs. 
Starting at 5pm I'll be selling corndogs with purple batter on them. Not totally sure how they'll look coming out of the fryer but I'll be dying the batter purple. My employees are stoked that they don't have to wear a uniform that day as long as they wear purple. 

Have an awesome weekend!


  1. The staircase looks wonderful! Good job.

  2. Yay for vail!and those animal names had me laughing. Happy Friday, purple corn dogs and all!!

  3. OKAY that trip sounds like it will be fabulous! So cool there is a tribute to Prince at the fair tonight; I want to get there so bad this year, but with moving and two little ones (and our 90 minute drive to get there) I just don't think it will be happening :-(

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    We would appreciate it if you shared this with your readers, followers and fans.

    1. That's awesome! Thanks Cascia, I will definitely share

  5. Love the creative animal names :D And Vail would only be a win for me if I'm in the lodge with warm drinks. Hahaha... Found you on the 100 best humor blogs list.


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