HAPPY Monday!

Most of you dread Mondays and look forward to Fridays but in O'Neil territory, we are totally reversed. This Monday is extra super special because we're HOME after a long 16 days of living on the road. 11 days of a fair with 15+ hour work days and I'm finally on my couch with my feet up. 

The drive home was anything but wonderful. Olivia once again made it clear to everyone inside (and possibly outside) the car that she hate hate hated being in her carseat. 

Liam however kept us all (except for Liv) laughing anytime a rap song came on. He loves the song 'Panda' and gets down every time the beat drops. 

You can mail my 'Mom of The Year Award' to me anytime. 

His reaction when it's a Taylor Swift song is less than thrilled. 

One fair down, 5 or so to go. I'm cutting this one short to impatiently wait for Bachelor In Paradise to start tonight with a hugenormous glass of chardonnay. 

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