I'm Alive. Sorta.

Well friends, we've made it. In mostly one piece. I'd be lying if I said the ride went great. Olivia made it ve-he-he-he-ry clear that she does not enjoy her carseat longer than 20 long minutes. 

"You stuck me in here too tight and I can't BREEEEEAAAVE!" 
{It wasn't any tighter than it normally is} 

We spent a day at the Dells which was great to get their wiggles out but when we left and the kids saw that they were stuck in the road-house for the next few weeks, well they haven't stopped asking to go back to the waterparks.

Before the fair opened I took the kids to the zoo while Rich was setting up the stand gearing up for the fair. I wanted to wear the kids out but ended up wearing myself out because it was extremely hot and humid and the kids needed naps but refused to take them.

I didn't take too many photos because majority were of them were of the three of us sweaty and tired and very much not photogenic. We did go feed the giraffe and by 'we' I mean me and Liam while Olivia refused to go anywhere near them. She stood in line with me jazzed up and ready to feed the giraffe but she saw how close they were to us and took off sprinting far away from them.
We haven't seen her since.

Liam said "more lettuce for me" and shoved his hands right into their mouths.

I left there absolutely mortified though because in his excitement he shrieked loudly right in the poor giraffes face causing her to run away. There were people in line behind us and I just looked at the zookeeper apologizing over and over that he made her run away.

Another hungry giraffe saw the opening for food and happily took her place.

Today is day 6 of the fair and I've already logged in 75+ hours. 8am - 11pm every day. I need a nap so hard you guys. I got myself a new FitBit and hit my goal steps every day before 4pm. Everything hurts, I feel like I've aged 15+ years, and I would KILL for a salad.
Wish me luck. We're only halfway done with this fair then it's back home to gear up for Minnesota and putting sticks in thousands and thousands of hotdogs.

Is it October yet? 

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