VIP Suites, Luke Bryan, Thousands of Hot Dogs, and more

AKA: What the heck has been going on lately

F r i d a y 

After another long day working to set up the fair the husband and I had a date night to go see Luke Bryan! Purrrrrr.

It was the very first concert at the brand new US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis - the newest NFL stadium. I got tickets for Rich and I for his birthday. He likes Luke Bryan but honestly couldn't care less about the concert, he just wanted to get inside that new stadium and look around. I bought the cheapest seats I found online and we laughed about how high up we were --- literally the very last row at the very top. 

We walked around the stadium checking everything out and were blown away. It is seriously amazing in there.

Blow Me
It gets better --- we saw the VIP suites and security was distracted so we walked into the hallway that leads to all the suites. We initially just wanted to walk by the rooms and look in to see the view from those seats.

 But... we just walked right into one of the suites and sat down to watch the concert.
AMAZING seats!

We got a little brave and saw that there was an unattended bar and snacks so we helped ourselves.

You can be judge-y if you want but most of you would do the same. There were tons of people there that weren't supposed to be either.

W e e k d a y s 

The Minnesota State Fair starts Thursday and we sell corn dogs. Obviously sticks don't automatically come on the hot dogs so guess who has to get a crew together and get them stuck?

This gal.

We literally stuck thousands and thousands and thousands of hot dogs to eventually be the corn dogs that we'll sell for the next 12 days.

N o w 

So we got the regular sized ones done but we're not done yet because as soon as we finished yesterday - the shipment of the foot longs came in. Time to start over and get those stuck!

I started my classes yesterday and to say I'm overwhelmed is an understatement. I have a poster on my bedroom wall with TEAS information to really jam the facts into my brain.

I have papers to write, exams to take, and miscellaneous assignments that are all due while I'm working the Minnesota and Kansas State Fairs all day.
8am - midnight!

Is it October yet? 

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