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It's fall y'all. Grab your PSLs, your chunky scarves and Uggs and snuggle in for a 'favorites' list: 

Kidding. PSLs are gross (hot apple cider lattes all the way), chunky scarves are always amazing and I (surprisingly, cause they're cute) don't own any Uggs. 

My kids have grown overnight and no longer fit into anything they owned a week ago, shoes included. I may have gone totally overboard with this new line but everything is so worth it.

I bought this tank for Monday evenings. I'm now wishing I would've gotten the sweatshirt but this'll do just fine when The Bachelor returns and it's NICK V!!!! Oh I'm so happy it's him and not boring Luke. I mean, I get it. Luke is handsome, blah blah blah but how boring? We don't need another Sean Lowe, Chris Soules, vanilla-ass man. Gimme Nick and all his drama that comes with it.
Sidebar: I love this company and all they do for rescue animals.

The June and January swing dresses are so adorable that I ordered a couple and plan to use one of them in our upcoming fall family photos when Rich (finally) comes home after about a month of being gone. 

Our annual Halloween party is just a month-ish away and I've gone a wee-bit overboard in planning for this year.  I'm sure I'd be full fledged batty (pun totally intended) about planning and decorating but our bills when I got home were completely over the top this year including having to purchase (and have installed since I don't have a man around the house) a brand new water heater this year. Our previous one went through a fire meaning the cost was in the $$$$$$.

That one hurt. Hurt real bad. 

Wow, I'm really good at tangents, huh? 
On the fun (plus) side: I have my Halloween costume this year and I cannot WAIT to pull it all together. 

I've had my eye on this shirt for awhile now and it finally went on sale!

Me basically everyday.
Went ahead and ordered myself a couple early birthday presents: 

Hurry up October!! 


  1. I loved Luke, but his season would have been SO BORING.

  2. I am a Nick fan too and I have that very same tank!


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