Pre-K Bay-Bay

The day has arrived, my first born is in school (!) and yes, I cried at Pre-K drop off and totally didn't think I'd be that mom. 
Insert obligatory first-day-porch-photo: 

So she missed the first week of school, but being that she's 3 years old I figured she wouldn't miss too much and her teacher and I had stayed in contact. 

Her first day of school came roughly 12-20 hours after we got home from a long long drive from Kansas. We still had no food in fridge, no clean laundry, and a mom who just couldn't get her 'ish' together. If you follow me on snapchat you might've seen my first-day-lunch-mess fiasco. 
Update: She's signed up for hot lunch now. 

She goes to school where I went to elementary school which was amazingly nostalgic walking through the hallways that I grew up in. I remember thinking the library and gymnasium were humongous when I was little and walking by them now just feels so different seeing how small they really  are. 

I frantically dropped her off on the first day fighting with my incredibly strong 20-month old who wanted to stay at school and play with the kids while trying to talk to her teacher about what we/I had missed. 

I buckled Liam into his car seat, started the car, then cried when I saw the empty car seat next to Liam. Totally didn't think I'd be that mom.

Was totally that mom. 

She loves school and her teacher and friends so much and asks everyday when she can go back. 
Liam loves having mommy time and getting to play with her stuff without her yelling & taking it from him.
When the cat's away the mouse will play......
I'm loving having just one kid for a few hours.
Nobody is loving the germs. It's only been a week and she's already brought home "the boogers" as she calls it. The 3 of us are a coughing, sneezing, snotty, germ-y crew. 

Some Rich-isms for you: 

+ After the first day I was talking to him on the phone telling him about her day and going through her little backpack. 
Rich: Does she have any homework?
Me: She's 3....
{Finds the 'About Me' page}
Me: Oh that's right! I guess she kind of does... It's an 'about me' adorable little thing like favorite movie, how many brothers and sisters you have, favorite foods, that kind of thing. 
Rich: .................
Me: .....................................
Rich: Shit...... when's that due? 

+ She goes to school Tuesdays and Thursdays. 
Rich (on the phone with Olivia after school Thursday): Are you excited to go back to school baby?
O: Yea! But Mom said I go on Tuesday
Rich: Tell your teacher and friends when you leave school, "See you next Tuesday!" 
Me: Don't! ....... Don't say that... 


  1. I was totally that mom for my first as well- the second who was a stage three clinger- not so much

  2. I seriously almost spit my water out with the Shit... when's that due. My husband would so say that, men so over dramatic!


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