The House Fire and the Worst Road Trip Ever (Warning: Bitching Ahead)

Hello Friends.

The Minnesota State Fair is finally over and it kicked my ass royally. 2016 became the highest ever attendance record in the entire fair's history. I was there for all 12 days of it from 8am until about 11pm or midnight each night.

The crowds were nothing like I'd ever seen before.

Needless to say, everything on my body still hurts. Back, feet, legs, head, brain, etc.

Oh! The Kansas State Fair starts Friday morning. Without any rest.

All aboard the bitching train. Your conductor: Me.
Feel free to depart at this point - it's going to get quite complain-y.
You've been warned.

TUESDAY: So Minnesota ended on Monday the 5th. I left on Tuesday the 6th to get to Kansas. I knew I wouldn't be able to do an entire 10 hour drive with so little sleep especially with a 3 year old and a 19 month old in the car so we made it to Des Moines where I thought I was going to get a great night sleep. I bought a hotel room for us and was kept up at 11pm, 1am, 2am, 4am, 4:30am, you get the picture.

During all of this I get a call from Rich around 4am telling me he's on his way so I called the front desk to ask them to have a key to our room ready for him since I wouldn't be mobile as I was sure I would fall right back asleep.

Rich accidentally went to the wrong hotel and turned at a terrible angle with the dually truck and 5th wheel trailer (google it if you care to do so) and ripped all the electric cords out from the house.

There was a fire and our road-house was totally unlivable. I woke to this news around 4:45am and couldn't get back to sleep after that of course.

WEDNESDAY: I left the next morning knowing we just HAD to get to Kansas because the fair was now starting in just two days and we had nothing prepared. Rich and I are the only ones in charge of this fair so I had no choice but to leave my hubby in Iowa to deal with everything and pray that he and the house would be okay.
Rich stayed behind to try and work on our house and repair the damages. I was literally falling asleep at the wheel from Des Moines to Wichita and had to pull over otherwise I'd fall asleep.

Well, long story short long, the kids and I made it to Kansas. I had to book a hotel room in Kansas when we finally got here and was told by every hotel in a 30 mile radius that they were completely sold out during the fair and could just take us for that night only.  My panic set in when Rich told me the house was still in horrible shape. I had nowhere for my kids to sleep during the fair and my anxiety was through the roof with the lack of sleep, lack of having things ready for the fair, and overall up-to-my-neck-in-bull-shit-edness.

There were tears.

THURSDAY: After begging the desk and promising my 1st born if we weren't out in time (half kidding) for a late check out, I put all energy into getting the fair ready while the kids had a place to stay. It's our livelihood. It HAS to be done no matter what is going on. I got the stands ready with just one horrible hiccup with one of our stands having electric issues and getting a minor electric shock due to ungrounded hookups and rain.

Rich knew I would take care of that shit and he put all energy and resources into ensuring our family had a place to stay. He is NOT a guy to call to have professional help come in for "something he can handle himself" but I begged him to just get our house okay so that our kids had a place to live other than in our car.

He reluctantly complied and we had professionals come take care of the damages. It's now Thursday night and we're comfortably in our house watching Mickey Mouse with a GIANT glass of Chardonnay.

I needed a break from everything so I volunteered (aka ran out of the house shouting "I'll do it!!!" waving car keys sans kids) when it was announced we needed groceries for the house.
I asked Rich via text what we needed and NO JOKE ------ THIS IS WHAT HE TEXTED ME:

hand soap
chicken nuggets
Xbox One remote
(I'll pay you back for the bourbon and remote - please don't forget those, I'm serious) 

Well guys, Friday the 9th we open for Kansas. I'm sure in a few months all of this will be funny but for now, I typed this update like a psycho wanting to use all caps and go on a Kanye-ish rant slapping my poor keyboard.

Not every single thing was terrible. Fun stories to come. Stay tuned for:

+ My brother coming to visit after 3.5 years. The first time my brother ever met his niece and nephew.

+ Olivia seeing a ghost. We're all SURE of it.

+ Why I yelled "Don't color in the book of Mormon!" 

+ My thoughts on Nick V. the new Bachelor, spoiler alert: LOVE IT!

+ This little ol blog being featured in a Top 100 funniest Mom Blogs feature.

Have a great weekend friends. I'll be counting my blessings that I have a job, a place for my kids to live in, plenty of unhealthy chicken nuggets to feet my whippersnappers, a husband and nanny with impeccable patience for my outbursts, and the fact that wine comes in boxes.

More later.

PS: I think the comment sections are still not showing up but I'm a smart person is working on that.


  1. Oh my word... Some bitching is definitely necessary for this post. Gosh I'm tired just reading it. Love nick as the bachelor!.

    1. I've already ordered my WINE YOGA PANTS AND BACHELOR tank!

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