This and That

|| o n e ||

Day eight (seven? who's counting?) here of the Kansas State Fair. Only three long days left then it's back to a two day road trip back to Minnesota with two kiddos that hate car rides longer than 15 minutes.

I'm packing as if a zombie apocalypse is about to hit because essentially, in my van, it's going to with two toddlers. 
Pirate's Booty, books, iPads, juice boxes, all the essentials so I don't go all Michonne on everyone in the car.  

The fair has been busy, but gone surprisingly fast. I'm on fair 3 of 3 in a row and my entire body feels like it has aged faster than Lindsay Lohan and Macaulay Culkin combined. 

I've never hit up WebMD more in my life than these past few days to find out what I'm dying of this week. 

|| t w o ||

Unless you've been living under a rock, I'm sure you've heard of Mix and Match Mama. She recently adopted another little girl from China and I LOVE following along on her blog on all her adventures.

|| t h r e e ||

I can't contain my excitement for my latest tee for hip kiddos from my shop.

$22. For blog readers you can use code: SHHBLOG15 for 15% off your purchase (in the entire shop) now through October 31st. 
My Halloween headbands are still available but not for long! 

Shirts will ship Wednesday, September 21st. 

Stay tuned for the new headband print releases.
Hint: Hunter Boot Wellies! 

|| f o u r ||

So all these fair working open to close, having two very young kids, and being in school full time (oh and my shop) means I don't have time for anything anymore. You: So why do you blog? 
Me: I don't know, just go with it, mmmkay?

But, I'm pretty proud that I haven't fallen behind on any classes and am not only passing, but have A's in all of them while on the road. 

|| f i v e ||

Our annual Disney World trip is booked!

After a particularly shitty day today, I bucked myself back up by planning our annual November Disney World vacation. 
Disney in November and Vail in December. 
Color me euphoric.

|| s i x ||

The kids and I had some fun at the fair the other day going on rides while we were slow. 
Olivia is a thrill seeker while Liam would rather enjoy from the sidelines. I put him on rides and he immediately cried and wanted out because he was too scared. He watched his sister on a ride and seemed kind of into it when he saw how much fun she was having. 
I put him in the same car as her when the ride was over and she put her arm around him saying "It's okay buddy, I got you" and kept her arm around him the entire ride. 
Heart. Melted.
What a good big sister

Edit: I started writing this Thursday afternoon and it's now Thursday evening. I just found out that I'll be driving to the little Colorado/Kansas/Oklahoma nook shortly here on no sleep to pick up more product because we may run out, and I can't have that happening. 
This is where I cut the post short, abruptly. Wish me luck because I'm driving solo around 5am in the middle of nowhere. 


  1. Man, life is busy!! Hang in there... 2 vacays coming up!

  2. Just ordered that cute pumpkin headband! Love it! Can't wait to see the new prints!


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