A Little This A Little That

o n e 

I put my Halloween decorations up today and am a wee bit excited.

In the background you can see the progress of my banister project. (!!!!) 

The bottom few spindles are done. The mid ones are waiting on a couple more coats of white and the back four are the "before". Eventually the entire house will have all trim painted white to get a more updated look. Buh bye ugly yellow oak. 

t w o 

I've been accepted! I got that letter in the mail with the words 'congratulations!' on it. Starting in January I'll be buckling down and studying hard. #ScrubLife 

t h r e e 

Since I'm busting my ass in school and (stupidly) taking on house projects, I feel very overwhelmed lately. I've been insisting to myself that I don't have time to be lazy and watch tv but then allowed myself some R&R time and cleared my mind catching up on the best. I need that. I need some down time. What I'm watching and loving lately: 

This Is Us on NBC, Grey's Anatomy (of course), The Last Man On Earth (hilar!), Shameless (Yusss!), and of course- Scream Queens is back!!! 

f o u r 

See that sweater hanging on my staircase? These are my absolute FAVORITE cardigans. I have 3 different colors because I'm so obsessed. Lucky for you they're on sale!  So soft and cozy. I size up for the extra cozy. 

f i v e 

I did it guys. I spent more than $20 on a hair tool. I've always been a die hard "cheap stuff works just fine" and it does, but I never knew what I was missing until I bought my Chi straightener (which I use to curl my hair). I got this one in light lavender at 1.5"

s i x 

An oldie but goodie: 

Who wants to come over and play this with me!? Rules found at Jessica's blog. 

s e v e n 

I can't wait for my Halloween party where I always top myself each year with my costumes. This year's is no exception. 
Hint: Movie. Wedding. Ghost. 

.... any ideas?.....

Happy Weekend. 


  1. Your Halloween decorations are darling! I love a good cardigan, too. I'm going to have to check those out. Thanks for the tip :). Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  2. Your Halloween decorations are so fun! Where did you find that garland on your mantle? Love it! Also, love your banister project! We have TONS of the yellow oak banisters and trim #yuck and I've been dying to figure a way to paint them all like yours - would love the dark with the white for the banisters... any tips would be appreciated :) it looks great!


    1. I'll definitely do a "how to" post as soon as I get it done.
      It's surprisingly pretty easy, just time consuming.
      The garland is from the Target dollar store section!


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