Internet, Take The Wheel

|| o n e ||

Rich is finally home! I've been playing single mom for the past month while he's been on the road. I lost my shit a handful of times, thought someone was breaking in 3 or 4 times, and cried once or twice.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again and again. Single moms, single dads, military families, I have no idea how you guys do it. 

|| t w o ||

Since he's been home I took a glorious trip to Target totally solo. It didn't suck one single bit. I didn't have to park next to a cart corall, I happily frolicked to the doors and didn't have to trudge that enormous double seater cart around the store avoiding the toy and fruit snacks aisles at all costs. 

I could stare at dishes and sheets without hearing "He's touching me!", loud shrieks, and yelling at my kids in public. 

Did I even try on clothes in my newfound freedom? I did. I absolutely did. 

My Target got a recent makeover which is too pretty not to share with the inter webs: 

What an exciting life I lead that this was the highlight of my week, eh?  Total lamesicle. 

|| t h r e e ||

We're doing family photos on Wednesday, which is also my birthday. The only thing I ask of my family is to pretend we're all happy and normal and nobody cries/bitches/poops themselves/gets their clothes dirty prior to pics/smiles/doesn't fight/etc. 
Not too much to ask. 

I finally nailed down our color scheme for fall to denim and mustard.  Stick with me on this one. It'll be cute. I hope. 

|| f o u r || 

One of my very best friends is getting married in the Spring and she asked me to be her matron of honor! Bachelorette party planning, speech writing, dress shopping, bridal shower planning fun. The bridesmaids and I have a secret Pinterest board so she can't see anything that we all contribute to. A little sneakaroo: 

|| f i v e || 

As promised, I will be doing a 'how to' post on my banister makeover. Still working on it making sure I don't leave out any details. 

I've never done a full on 'BEFORE' shot of my dining room area that I've been working on for years but this is pretty close

TODAY (but not yet close to being done) 

To do: 
1. White Board and batten (wainscoting) against the back wall.
2. Paint walls a crisp white. 
3. Finish painting the trim

It gives me so much anxiety sharing a picture when it's not even close to being done but it's a huge upgrade from all that brown and ugly whicker furniture. 

I spray painted the mirror black from it's previous brown and gold color. 

I'm getting a new light fixture. Something sorta like: 

Rich hates all of them but look at all my cares. 


  1. Love your light fixture choices. My favourite is the second one. Hats off to you for doing the solo parenting for one month!! Love that Pinterest idea.

  2. Love the second light fixture - totally perfect! Yay to having your hubby home :)

  3. Looove the second light fixture! So pretty!


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