Show and Tell Tuesday: Quirks

Linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday. This time we're talking about our quirks and the things that make us, 'us'. 

Nothing new here, I'm terrified of birds. Their faces, their beaks, their claw feet, the fact that they fly, all of it. Even when they're nowhere near me I do this : 

I've never related to Kaitlyn Bristowe more in my life. Sure snakes and spiders are scary but you don't see them as often as these awful devil, monster, flying critters. 

Moving on. 

Most people call me T. Before I got married my last name started with a P so my nickname was "TP" at my old job. 
My family calls me Shaw-Doo, sounds exactly how it's spelled. When I was 2 my uncle was watching me for the afternoon and had no idea what he was doing with me. I was scream crying so he took me on a drive. 

I stopped crying for roughly 30 seconds while driving then started screaming again. My uncle turned around and again, I stopped crying as he drove by something then I started crying again. He turned around yet again and I was pointing to McDonalds saying "Shaw-Doo! Shaw-Doo!" He pulled into McDonalds and I was happily smiling and saying Shaw-Doo over and over again. Ever since my family calls me Shaw-Doo and calls McDonalds that too. 
It's funny now because I never eat that garbage. 

We call Olivia a number of nicknames: Liv, Livi, Livi Lou (her middle name is Louise), and OLO (her initials).
Liam is either Buddy Boy or "Mister Me-um" which is what Olivia called him about a year ago. She can say his name properly now but we all still call him that. 

I never eat ribs or chicken wings or anything you gnaw your teeth on. 
I'll eat boneless wings, or eat ribs if the meat is peeled off but rubbing your teeth on a bone gives me the heebie jeebies.

Also, I don't like sugar. Everyone is shocked by this because who doesn't like cakes and sweets? I don't like donuts, cookies, cake, sweetened anything. I love to bake so it's great that I can make all these sweets and never ever have the urge to dive in. 
Exceptions: When I'm pregnant and Reece's Pieces on Halloween. 
My guilty pleasure? Anything salty. Gimme all the chips and crackers and salted nuts. 

I'm a hair toucher and I hate it. I'm always playing with it, adjusting it, flicking the ends with my finger, twirling it, taking it out of a pony tail just to put it back up, etc. I hate it. 

I'm allergic to cats but this didn't happen until I was roughly 16 or 17 years old. I always had a cat growing up and was never bothered by it. When our latest cat died I was maybe 13 and we didn't get a new one. I went to my cousin's house who had a siamese cat and I could hardly breathe with the sneezing, eyes almost entirely shut, red, and watery and it hasn't changed since. 

I want to hug a sloth and I'm pretty close to making that happen with my zookeeper friend. He said he'd try and I hound him at least once a week on making it happen. 

I'm not a very emotional person and hide my feelings well. I laugh during inappropriate times like when someone is upset with me or something bad happened. 

However, I'm extremely empathetic and will cry anytime something happy or sad happens on TV. When Ellen gives a deserving family money or a car or something..... It's over. I'm bawling. 

When I'm pregnant its 500x's worse. Times I actually cried: 

When watching 'Legally Blonde' at the end I cried because I was so proud of her. 

I was watching the Katy Perry documentary and when her and Russell broke up I lost it then too

... and I'm not even a fan of either of them really. 

I drink a gallon a day every single day. I don't understand people who don't like water.


  1. I can not eat my wings without the bones!! I just feel like Wings without the bones are like chicken tenders lol. I don't like ribs though. Something about the bone just being way to big!! I also have that terrible hair habit and I love playing with it but the regret it when my hairs greasy after an hour of constant playing!! -.- So annoying lol! Happy Tuesday <3

  2. SAME with the water. My husband can go half the day without drinking anything and I just don't understand.


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