The Weekend

I wanted to spell that title like the singer, but my laptop wouldn't allow it.

Lucky for you this post will be partially photo-less since I broke my phone yet again. I swear I should just quit trying to own a phone but.... camera. And...... snapchat.
Usually I'm not a fan of the weekends since that's when we work and Mondays and Tuesdays are actually my favorite days of the week. I'm not normal, I know this. Plus, all the best tv is on in the beginning of the week. This Is Us, Scream Queens, amIRight? I am.

Friday we stayed in and watched movies in our pajamas being total slob kabobs. It was perfect. #YouSayLame #ISayComfy. We stayed in since we had a big day ahead of us the next day, working the Zombie Pub Crawl in Minneapolis.

For those not from the Minnie-Apple it's a yearly event in October that shuts down the streets where people dress up as zombies and, pub crawl. We have food stands to feed the drunk zombies while they crawl the city.

In my younger years I used to go to the event. Now I work the event doing backbreaking work feeding cheese curds and corn dogs to drunks. It's tamed down a lot but in past years they would really do a number on the city and our food stand. Two years ago when I was pregnant with Liam I was told to stay home because it wasn't safe for me to be out there, and everyone was right. 

Zombies were shaking our stands, messing with our outside equipment, walking in the stand (which is a HUGE safety issue when a drunk person walks into a 10'x10' stand with a 400 degree deep fryer in the middle). 

This year the biggest "issue" was that nobody sold water anywhere and people were thirsty for something other than beer. 

Sundays in our home = football. Always. 

Pizza, football, friends, family, and relaxing. My UNDEFEATED Vikings are on a bye week so that means lots of naps recovering from Saturday's work.  Our friends came over, Olivia's BFF Sebastian, and the kids painted pumpkins since it was so nice outside

Picasso here got most of the paint on his face and body rather than the pumpkin. 
He also managed to accidentally paint the sides of not just Olivia, but Sebastian's head as well while trying to adjust a paint brush in his hand. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I'm looking forward to this week because 
IT'S MY BIRTHDAY WEEK! Yes, I get a whole week. 


  1. You should totally get a whole week for your birthday. Glad the rest of the weekend was relaxing- the zombie crawl sounds a little insane

  2. Thanks Sarita! I'm just glad ZPC is over now


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