A Day In My Life With Home Alone Gifs

Hey readers! Remember when I did "A Day In the Life.... Said with Hocus Locus Gifs"? No? Okay. And then there was "A Day In The Life, Disney Version". Since Christmas is right around the corner (raise your hand if you aren't yet ready!) I thought I'd do a Home Alone version since it's (in my opinion) the best Christmas movie out there. Next to Christmas Vacation. 

Let's start with the most accurate GIF of how my kids wake up in the morning

Me, every time I get Liam down for a nap and Olivia starts singing and dancing outside his bedroom door. 

When the doorbell rings during nap time

Leave the damn package and DIP, mailman! No bell needed. The dog is already alerting the entire house that someone came within 5,400 feet of our door. 
This is a double.
a) This is me after my coffee wanting to do all the things and have all the fun.
b) My kids literally anytime they're alert:

When my husband is IN THE FRICKIN KITCHEN and the kids want a snack but I'm in the shower. They bypass the parent that's available and walk into the bathroom like: 

Walking to the car with groceries, a purse, two kids, coffee, 2 Hot wheels cars, 3 princess dolls, and 6 other things. 

Basically how I'm handling life overall
Realizing I put too much on my plate (as usual) and still have to volunteer at Preschool, send Christmas cards, have two papers to write, organizing our annual Christmas party for the kids for our showmen's club with 75+ people, finalize menu choices and schedules with the event center, clean the house, make dinner, do laundry, finish Christmas shopping for the family, bake desserts for our family gathering, leave in a week for Colorado, Dr appointments for the entire family, wrap 100+ gifts for the family and what I volunteered for, dentist appointments, etc etc etc etc etc

When my kids are doing something they shouldn't be doing - and they KNOW THEY AREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE. 
My face: 

They stop REAL QUICK when I remind them that the Elf is here to watch them from our shelf. Thank God for that fleece little plastic man to aid me in parenting the month of December.
Another double,  this is either 
a) one child that isn't getting disciplined while the other is when they were BOTH in the wrong 
b) my husband when a poopy diaper needs changing and he pretends he didn't see it: 

Gettin' that first sip of wine at bedtime like: 

Literally a night out:

And finally,
When the kids are sleeping and you're still gangster AF: 

Merry Christmas ya filthy animals


  1. This post had me dying!! All of those are so funny and you narrated them perfectly!



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