Where do I start? Where do I start? I've been blog absent (blogsent?) for awhile because life has been busy as usual and we had some Halloweening to do. Let's start with Olivia's first school pictures ever. 

She had photos done a few weeks ago and when she came home I asked her if she smiled. 

Olivia: Nope. I didn't. 

Sure as shit, she wasn't lying. Notice the hands on her hips and everything. 

When I dropped her off at Preschool last week her teacher gave me her photos and before I even started the car I had to open them, laugh, text to Rich, and share on Facebook because her personality really shines though here in not wanting to do what she's told: 

Picture retakes are this week but this is too funny to not keep so this is a total framer in our house. 
You do you, boo. 

. . . 

Last week I took the kids to our local zoo for the Zoo Boo event with my friend and her kids. 

My mom-taking-a-picture skills summed up in one photo: 

Nobody ever listens or looks at me. 

See ya. 

Olivia: Where's all the animals? Isn't this the zoo? 

Super great question. I guess they put the animals away for the night which was odd. 

They gave out treats that weren't candy which I loved: baby carrots, cheese sticks, beef jerky (which I totally stole from both kids) and juice boxes. 

. . . 

What's next? What's next? Oh! Our annual family and friends Halloween bash. 

No joke, you're gonna wanna pin/save this sangria recipe: 

2 cups Smirnoff Kissed Caramel Vodka
1.5 Liter of Pinot Grigio 
Not a "normal" size bottle of wine, the next size up- make sure it's cold!
1/2 gallon of apple cider 
The small jug
A couple diced apples 
I used Honeycrisp aka the best

Stir frequently throughout event because apple cider will settle at the bottom

My husband, who isn't a caramel apple fan even loved it. This tasted sooooooooo amazing. 

Rich and I dressed as Beetlejuice and Lydia Deetz. I stupidly deleted photos off my phone so this is the best picture of us you're gonna get

The star of the party was of course Matthew McConaughey. 

No, not that one. The bird, Matthew MACAWnaughey

My friend's parrot. You won't find pictures of me holding him that night because
1. Bird
2. I tried that once and he sat on my shoulder like a pirate-bird giving me all the (anxious) feels.

. . . 

Actual Halloween day we spent the morning at Mall of America thinking there would be some sort of event or trick or treating thing going on. It was a Monday morning (because we never go to MOA on weekends - tourists) so it was dead and there were no activities going on. 

We had lunch at the newly rebuilt Rainforest Cafe which was great for many reasons: 

1. When the rainstorm would start, Olivia was scared of it and would immediately head back to her seat and stop running around.
2. Food is awesome. 
3. Liam actually ate his whole meal for once. He gave no f*&#s when the rainstorm happened. His sister would whine into mine or her dad's chest until it was over and he just sat there chomping on his mac n cheese with the same look that lizard in the photo above has. Not a care in the world. 

I think my favorite family of scared kids were the ones in the booth near us. The kids were probably 4 and 5 or 5 and 6; I suck at age-guessing, and would slide down under their table when the storm started just like those moms in the Old Spice commercials who would melt and glide along the floor. 

. . . 

My kids got entirely too much candy that I now have to somehow slowly throw away without them noticing. Rich and I don't like candy (I know, that's weird) so we don't raid their bins while they're sleeping and I don't want them to have all that sugar. 
Am I a monster for throwing it away? Probably. 
Do I care? Not at all. 

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  1. A fun Halloween for sure. I give away some, take them to parties etc. or let it last all.year.long.


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