How To Suck At Blogging

How to suck at blogging? Just be me and forget to post for about two weeks. Sorry to the 3 or 4 people that read here. Or maybe... you're welcome for the SMD break?? Anyhoo to catch you all up on what's going on here's a few things about each of us from the past two weeks:


+ The other morning Rich and I heard him counting in the living room: "One. Two. Fee. Foe." We shot each other shocked faces that our 22 month old just counted to "Foe"
Eat your heart out, Einstein/ Steve Jobs/ Bill Nye The Science Guy.

+ He's increasingly obsessed with "caws" "chucks" and buses. He probably yells "Caaaaaaaawwwwwrrs" Yes, all drawn out like that, roughly 233 times a day. Not an exaggeration.
Am I already planning his 2nd birthday in the Cars/McQueen/Mater/Racing theme? You bet your right blinker I am.

+ He's become an avid 'selfie taker' 

There's more where that came from: 263 to be exact. 

+ When he's not counting to four or yelling about every car that drives down our street he's ensuring Olivia goes bald by her 4th birthday and cries at LEAST 3 times a day. He's standing up for himself a little TOO much lately and is basically just "ruining my life" as Olivia so non-dramatically puts it.

+ If you ask him what his favorite days of the week are lately he'd definitely say Tuesdays and Thursdays. Olivia is in preschool and he has mom and dad all to himself and can play with her prized princess dolls all he wants without being screamed at. 


+ Moving onto the completely undramatic one in the family. Her hobbies as of late are reminding Rich and I that she "doesn't have any sisters, just a brother" then telling Liam he's annoying and wishes she had a sister instead. Because, sisters never fight - right?
Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This.

+ Her collection of Princess dolls is growing at an alarming rate. I'm not sure where she's getting these dolls from {cough.grandma.cough} but if you suddenly hear about Disney Stores being held up, don't hesitate to call the anonymous tip line and reference her. 

+ She's finally agreed to sleep in her own bed with the following stipulations: We all must call it a "Princess Bed" and allow her to wear a tutu to sleep.

+ They're learning about feelings in school so Rich and I will sometimes hear things like: 
"I'm not too happy with you right now" (when we tell her to be nice to her brother)
"That doesn't make me feel happy" (when we ask her to clean her toys)
"It makes me sad when I have to ____" (repeats what we asked her to do: clean her room, clean up her plate from dinner, change her clothes) 
I think she's missing the point... 

Surprisingly I don't have any recent pics of her so here's a screenshot of Tyrese Gibson sharing Olivia's viral video 


+ Lots of studying. I'm beginning my program this January and have roughly a month left of pre-reqs. I bought my first pair of scrubs and stethoscope and I'm so excited to begin it all.
I'm also a wee-bit nervous because my little bit of free time that I've had left is completely gone.

+ Due to awful sickness going around our house I had to cancel/reschedule our November Disney World trip. Around this time last year we were in Orlando and sick as dogs in our hotel room. All of us plus our friend were laying in bed with buckets just crying and trying to stay alive. I didn't want a repeat so I cancelled the vacay. Of COURSE the day we were supposed to leave, everyone cleared up.

+ Oh well. A month from today we'll be in Beaver Creek. We are staying at the Charter again in a 2bedroom ski out villa. It's been 10 years since Rich and I have been here and I'm so excited to go with the kids now. If you're only going to take one vacation in your entire life, go to Beaver Creek during Christmas. To this day it's still one of the most beautiful places I've ever been in my life.

It's like a Hans Christian Andersen book, amiright?

I had big plans to go on a family dogsledding trip while we were there so I could yell "MUSH!" but unfortunately all the places in the area don't allow anyone under the age of 3. Sorry Liam, have fun staying back at the villa solo!
I kid. I kid. Don't call CPS on me. 

+ When I'm not studying, yelling at the kids to stop fighting, folding heaps of neglected clothes baskets, I'm binge watching my shows:
- This is Us (Don't hate me but I'm not o-b-s-eeeeeesssed like everyone else. It's good, but meh.)
- Scream Queens (Obsessed)
- And recently, The Good Place with Kristin Bell and Ted Danson (hilarious!) I went to dinner with a friend who told me I had to watch Speechless if I loved that show. I watched all 6 episodes in a day of Speechless because it was so funny. Stars Minnie Driver but I think the dad of the show is the real star.

+ We're hosting Thanksgiving at our home this year which means I've been pinning away at table set ups and figuring out how to make some sort of side dish. I asked if a couple bottles of wine could count as 'side dishes' and Rich shot me a look that either said "are you serious?" or "seriously? Of COURSE they count". I'll go with the latter. 

I would include a photo of myself like I did with the other family members but unless it has a heavy SnapChat filter on it, it ain't happening! 

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Rich, aka, the fun parent.

Side bar: That ugly green and white fence is mostly gone now and we have that pretty white fence behind it which is far less an eye sore than our previous gating. 

+  Tis time to move the kids into their own rooms. He's been busy installing flooring into our attic (which by the way I had NO IDEA existed) so we could put all our storage crap from around the house up there. This will clear out our nanny-room so Liam can move into his own room (with the largest closet the house has - lucky). 
Sadly, we probably won't be getting a summer nanny this year and I'll be staying home with the kids finishing my program so we won't need a spare bedroom. 

+ He's a little devastated in our Minnesota Vikings so don't bring it up when you see him. Don't do it. 

+ He became a little obsessed the other day with the so called Super Moon, which I never actually saw any difference. 
R: When is it going be to be super?
T: I dunno
R: Why does it happen only certain times?
T: I dunno
R: Why-
T: I don't know! I don't have an astronaut's degree!

So that's the four of us. I'm sure your weeks have been ten times more interesting! Happy Weekend. 
You know what I'll be wearing on Sunday: 

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