That's What She Said

Olivia cracks Rich and I up daily with the things that come out of her mouth. She's a fierce, sassy, hilarious little girl that I can't help but share what she drums up 

While shopping at Target and walking by the lingerie
Olivia: Whoa! Look at all those pretty boobies! Are you gonna buy new boobies mama?
While receiving questionable looks from other Target patrons overhearing her. 

When giving the kids their dinner one night
Olivia: {sighs}
Teri: What?
Olivia: Well... it's not what I wanted but {sighs} it's okay I guess. 
Teri: ..........

Sitting with her on the couch during a thunderstorm
Olivia: Well, well, well....
Me: What? 
Olivia: It's a good thing Liam is in bed.
Me: Yeah? Why's that? 
Olivia: There's funder out there and he's just a little guy. 

I put her in time out after finding her coloring on the windows with a crayon. 
Me: Do you know why you had to go in time out? 
Olivia: I do. 
Me: Tell me why
Olivia: That was bad. That was real bad. Real bad.
Me: What did you do wrong that made you go in a time out? 
Olivia: {shaking her head} I forget

Watching me change clothes
Olivia: Whoa! Look at your big booty!

Looking at mine and Rich's wedding photos
Olivia: This is just so beautiful.
Teri: Are you going to get married one day?
Olivia: Yes I am!
Teri: Who are you going to marry?
Olivia: I don't care..... I just want a princess dress.
Time to start her Pinterest board. 

When we had to reschedule our family photos
Olivia: It's alright. I wasn't feelin' it today.

While giving everyone their dinner one night:
Teri: Here we go guys, spaghetti and meatballs!
Olivia: That's not right.
Teri: What?
Olivia: Eat Balls, mama. Spaghetti and eat balls.
Teri: um....
Olivia: Eat balls.
You can probably guess what Rich and I call it now. 

She tells me every single day, as if it's new information to me:
Olivia: Hey mom
Teri: Yes?
Olivia: I don't have any sisters.
Teri: I know
Olivia: I just have a brother. I don't have any sisters
{While staring at me with wide eyes}
Olivia: So how do we fix that?

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