The Elf

I bought the Elf on the Shelf a year or so ago but never fully committed until now. I wasn't sure Olivia would buy the whole gist of him but ... hook, line and sinker. 

She's nearly 3.5 which is the perfect age to get into it. My son is going to be two in January and he truly couldn't care less. I read her the book that comes with the elf and we've watched this movie only 635 times since Thanksgiving to get her into it. It worked.

When fighting happens or whining begins, I point to that fleece little temporary parent and she stops dead in her tracks, sometimes yelling "Christmas!" I pray that she never ever stops believing in it, for my sanity (sing it Journey). 

Thank God for Pinterest because if I had to come up with 25+ ideas as to where to put this thing I would sorely disappoint. You can only put him in a Christmas stocking a couple times before it becomes redundant. Or... maybe I could just tell them our elf is a bit of an introvert and doesn't do wacky stuff like everyone else's. No? Fine. 

I can't come up with my own ideas, my brain just doesn't work like that. But I can half-assed copy what other Moms are pinning away for me to steal. 


+ I wasn't sure what to do with a set up if you're not allowed to touch him. I'm gonna go with the whole, only kids can't touch him but Mom can. Sorta like Mommy's coffee or wine. 

+ Forgot to move the elf? You can either A) Chuck that shit across the room before your kids wake up and notice or B) Pretend it's his favorite spot, like Daddy has one on the couch. 

+ Don't think I'm getting elaborate with this. Example of what I most definitely won't be doing: 

Who has the time? Or patience? Or that many keg cups lying around after college. 

+ Don't put your husband in charge unless he's SUPER into it. I was away one night and called Rich in the morning before the kids were up and asked if he moved the Elf. 
His exact response: "The what?" 

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  1. Lol at rich! And I'm totally going to take your tip about flinging it across the room!!


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