Things Everyone Else Loves But I Don't

I saw this post over on Cait's blog and loved it!  Being the copy cat that I am I created my own little list. 

Sushi: I may be the only 20-30 year old woman who isn't into raw fish wrapped in green seaweed paper and bland rice. All while trying to eat it with two sticks and balance the damn roll from plate to mouth. Tried it once. Not a fan. No thank you. 

Roller coasters: Pre-kids I LOVED rollercoasters. I don't know what happened after I birthed two kids but I'm suddenly the biggest wuss and so non-thrill seeker I used to be. Perhaps it's because my bladder holding skills aren't what they used to be? Maybe I feel less like dying than in my younger years? Perhaps. You can find me going mild and crazy on the sidelines or accompanying my youngsters on the kiddie rides at best. 

Piggy-backing on that last point, I also can't do Scary Movies: Nope. Not anymore. Younger, aka "fun" Teri loved scary movies. Now I have to give up sleep for 2 or 3 days should I chose to watch a scary movie. You can guess how many times I choose anything over sleep. 
Hint: Never. 

Summer/Heat/Just overall being outdoors: I don't like sweating. I don't like sticking to hot leather when wearing shorts. I don't like my makeup melting off my face. The humidity can suck it and I'll take sweatshirt weather over the July sun any day. The only exception would be a cruise to the Bahamas because I swear there's never humidity there. 
Now I'm dreaming of a cruise.....

Snowmobiles/Motor cycles/Jet Skis: Again, super big chicken over here. 

Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead: Tried it. Not into it. 

PSLs: They gross. 
Pretty much anything pumpkin flavored. 
Other than pumpkin pie of course. 


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  1. Love this idea and totally stealing it soon! ANd I totally can't deal with scary movies, GOT or Walking Dead.


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