4 Year Anniversary

December 28th, 2012 Rich and I were married at the University Club in Downtown Saint Paul. The ceremony, the wedding, the food, the ambiance, everything was everything we ever wanted for our wedding.

We rented the lobby for the ceremony where we were married by Father John, our family's priest. We rented the ballroom and the attached bar for cocktail hour while we did photos (which made me realize we shouldn't have been so picky on the food choices since we didn't get to have any of it!) and we rented all 30 hotel rooms attached to the club for our guests.

The photos don't do the ambiance justice in the ballroom. We hired a lighting company to come in and light up the room with water "dancing" on the high ceilings, deep blues and purples throughout the room and our monogram on the dance floor.

The nice part about being married 3 days after Christmas is we didn't have to pay a florist to decorate the ceremony because the Christmas decorations were already up! 

Above I'm proudly showing off my bouquet because I spent an arm and a leg on the damn thing and FORGOT IT WHILE WALKING DOWN THE AISLE!
To this day when someone is getting married I remind them in person, or via text if I'm not there to not forget their bouquet while walking down the aisle. I was holding onto my dad's arm wondering awkwardly what I was supposed to do with my other hand when I realized it. My maid of honor and pretty much every bridesmaid gave me wide eyes because they realized before I did that I had forgotten it. I can blame mom brain on this because when we married I was 12 weeks along with Olivia. This wasn't super planned but hey- I remember every second of my wedding!

Our friend had brewed his own beer for the wedding party when just a few days earlier he found out Jamie (Maid of honor) and I were pregnant so we had bottles of root beer so as not to throw the rest of my family off on the news just yet. 

So much fun that night. Rich kind of looks like he's holding in a fart in that pic ^ 

So last night our friend watched our kids so we could go out. It's semi-rare just Rich and I can go out on the town just the two of us without the kids in tow so we kind of act like two Amish kids on Rumspringa when we get the chance. 

We went to Betty Danger's Country Club in Minneapolis for taps and apps. The bartenders heard us talking about our anniversary and sent us a bottle of champagne and gave us free rides on the ferris wheel. Since it's December in Minnesota the pics are a little 'meh' because we went in the enclosed cart with blankets. 

I am running straight back to my endocrinologist after seeing this picture. I need to get my puffy face back on thyroid meds ASAP! 

We had an excellent night remembering all we've experienced in the past 4 years: 2 beautiful babies, vacations, holidays as a family, my terrible health scare, weddings, losses, and so much more. While we've only been married 4 years we've actually been together for 13 years with just one break over a summer. I truly can't imagine my life without Rich. I love you babe. 
(Even though you don't read here often) 

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