Beaver Creek, 2016

Dusting off the ol' blog to tell you all about our trip to Beaver Creek this past week. Pre-Facebook days people would invite people to their house and make them sit through a boring slideshow of their vacation. Here's my modern version! 

We arrived Wednesday and stayed through Monday at the Beaver Creek Charter. Our villa was a 4BR 4BA suite and cozy and beautiful doesn't even begin to describe it. 

We flew into Denver with plans to rent a car and drive from Denver to Beaver Creek because flights directly to Vail were nearly triple that of flying to Denver. 

We saw the roads and weather and remembered how driving was in Vail/Beaver Creek last time we were there and cancelled our rental car. I'm from Minnesota and can handle driving in snow/icy conditions (for the most part...) but roads here aren't plowed well and you're driving literally on the side of a mountain. We hired a driver (Paul!) which felt very Kardashian-like to "have a driver" but it was incredibly worth it to have someone who knew the area, had all wheel drive, was used to driving in those conditions, everything. 

The drive from Denver to BC should take about 2 hours but ours ended up being around 3.5 hours because of the road conditions. 

We were in town for our family-friends' 10 year anniversary. Rich and I were in the same town, in the same hotel 10 years ago when they got married and a large group of wedding guests returned to celebrate their anniversary. This time most of us had kids so it was a very different and fun experience. 

10 years ago: 

At the wedding

Being younger. Giving 10-years-ago-me serious stank face right now. 

We were so much younger and more vibrant. No kids to cause us permanent sleep deprivation. I kid. I kid. (kind of). Truth is, it was so much fun having so many kids together that are all now roughly the same age making it an entirely different trip from last time. 

On Thursday Rich went snowboarding so I went to the village with the kids. 

Out of all the scenery and beauty and magic to look at and take in, my kids were interested in only one thing: 

......... the zamboni. 
I had to beg and bribe them to keep walking and look around to get them away from the "ice tractor" as Olivia called it. 

Another beautiful view: 

But they still wished they were here: 

That evening we had dinner at Beano's Cabin. 

(Not my photos of course)

Getting there was an adventure. It's up the mountain and the only way to get there is by a sleigh ride. Olivia was looking for Olaf and Elsa the entire way up singing "Let It Go!" at the top of her lungs. I had read signs everywhere warning us not to encounter or feed wild animals so I was on the look out for bears and mountain lions. I checked ---- they're everywhere. 

Once we got there we were led to a room to put our winter gear and boots away and were given slippers so we wouldn't track snow or have to carry our gear around the dining hall. We got a private room (I'm guessing because we had little ones) and enjoyed a 5-course meal which was TO DIE FOR! 

I think Liam is smiling in the background. I wish it wasn't blurry but it's the only shot I have of our group that night. 

I had the Colorado Lamb, winter salad, and ahi tuna poke. The meal was also served with a sweet potato creme fraiche soup that I need to learn to replicate and a peach dessert that I was too full to finish and accidentally left at our table when we left. 

The kids had a 3-course meal where they ate only a couple apple slices, a single bite of salmon, and a single bite of potatoes.

......... You're lucky you're cute ............

Friday afternoon we walked around Vail. We didn't stay long because it was sleeting out and everyone was freezing and couldn't see anything because our faces were being pelted as we walked. No pics.
Friday evening we hired a nanny from the resort to stay in our room while we went to a cocktail party for the couple. The kids loved having "no grown ups", eating pizza, partying, watching cartoons, and staying up late. 

I loved enjoying grown up time with cocktails. 

They rented a house in the area for their guests which was fu*^&ng amazing. Seriously beautiful. 

The gals
We partied into the wee hours and it was worth every single minute of my headaches the next day. 

Yes, I know I need a manicure. #Gross

Saturday we took the kids sledding and in the evening we had a cocktail hour and dinner and dance party at the Charter to celebrate their 10-year anniversary. 
The kids took over the dance floor chasing the lights around. 

My little lady the far left. She's as awkward at smiling as her mother :) 
The coolest part, Jamie and Andy had a SNAPCHAT FILTER! It was cut off in the photo above but if you follow me on chat @terioneil you may have seen my many, many, many, many, many snaps from the weekend. 

We had dinner at the Black Diamond Bistro where once again, my kids ate 3/4 of a bite of their food. Is someone secretly feeding my kids? Because they just refused to eat the entire time.

Sunday we took it easy. We went to the village and saw Santa: 

Olivia was mesmerized. 

Liam wouldn't even look at him. Just pretend he isn't there..... 

Then we had lunch at C Bar to watch football. Our lunch view: 

Watching the skiers and snowboarders come down the mountain. 

After football we went back to our room to pack, nap, and relax. We ordered pizza for dinner and fell asleep watching Sunday Night Football. 
We checked out Monday and got home late Monday night. It's 8am right now and I'm the only one awake currently. The trip was fun and wiped everyone out. 

Outtake: Rich and Liam were hanging out when I asked how it was going and Rich replied with this pic: 


I had a blast and cannot say it enough, if you're going to Beaver Creek, do it during Christmas time. The lights and snow and everything is so beautiful and magical. 

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