Show and Tell Tuesday: Christmas Decor

Linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday. This Tuesday we're talking Christmas Decor. 

First, I took a little blog-break but I'm back. I had no idea anyone even read here but got IG messages and emails asking where the hell I was and thank you so much for both the concern and letting me know you guys enjoy this (lame) blog! 

Alright, back to the linkup. Click the link, visit the other blogs that I'm sure have more interesting and elaborate decorations and find new blogs to follow. 

So Rich and I are both minimalists. I hate having lots of CRAP all over the place. Christmas time or anytime. I'm not a total grinch and actually love Christmas so we have a few key pieces throughout the living room. 

First up, my front door. Where did I get my wreath you ask? I have no idea where you can buy your own because I took it from my mother-in-law. Seriously. She put it on her door last year and I said I loved her wreath. Then I took it. That's what you get for living next door. 
{Phone Rings}
MIL: Did you steal my wreath?
T: Yeah, I told you I love it. 
MIL: And my groceries? 
T: Oh that was Rich. We were out of milk and bread. KTHANKSBYEEEE!

Steal-able, right? 

We have a fake tree which is weird for me because growing up I ALWAYS had real trees. One of my favorite chores was being the one to water the tree. While I appreciate that we don't have pine needles everywhere, I miss the smell. One day... 

Each year at the Wisconsin State Fair I buy a new ornament for the tree from a stand in the grandstand at the fair. This year I chose the family in the bed because the kids and my favorite thing ever is snuggling up and watching a movie together. 

Our fake fireplace mantel that I had Rich build a few years ago. 
Trees lucky for you they're on sale now. 
Printables found on Jessica's blog.  

That cord hanging from the wreath drives me insane but it's tradition to hang the giant wreath on the wall. I don't know what I want to put on that wall during non-Christmas time so I'll take suggestions. The wall goes up very high. 

And that's the gist of it. Told you, minimal. When the holidays are over and everything goes on clearance is when I buy decorations for the following years. This year I plan to get a small tree for the kids' rooms. I'm thinking a white tree with pink ornaments for Olivia and a blue tree for Liam. 

Be sure to head to the linkup to find better blogs! 


  1. I tend not to link too much stuff too. Really love your style of decorating!

  2. Love the title of your blog, I will visit often! Happy Holidays!

  3. My mom gives me the same brand of personalized ornaments every year! I LOVE getting those! Your house looks awesome!


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