'Twas The Friday Before Christmas

And all through her house, not a child would listen to mom; not even her husband on the couch.

To be fair, everyone came home from Colorado with nasty colds except for Rich. Why does he never get sick? So we're just bumming around the house watching Christmas movies. So I guess it's the same thing we'd do every Christmas but with more snot.

1. Rich attempted to build a gingerbread house with the kids. I say attempted because we learned a valuable lesson that day: build the house at night when the kids go to bed to allow it to dry. This will alleviate any and all screaming demands to let them start decorating immediately causing the roof to slide off the top of the house at least 3 times. Not that that happened or anything.... I took off for errands while the decorating occurred (totally intentionally) and Olivia proudly told me she did "everything all by myself" in front of an exhausted Rich.

I was talking to Olivia about how we're going to Grandpa's for Christmas.
O: Why?
T: Because he loves you and wants to see you and Liam
O: Oh... but I fought (thought) you loved me?
{conversation about how you can love lots of people and how lots of people love you too (family and friends)}
T: Make sense?
O: .. .. ..
T: .. .. ..
O: {burps} can I have some french fries?

I think I got through to her.

Olivia has been asking constantly for a baby sister. By constantly I mean roughly 4 times a day
every. single. day.
I walked into the room stretching and rubbing my stomach while yawning.
O: OH MY GOSH! Do you have a baby in your tummy??!!!?

Nope. Just burritos. Thanks for the confidence booster though, O. Thanks.

One of Liam's gifts that Rich purchased online arrived while he was awake. It's a Disney Cars table and chairs set. Cars is his absolute favorite. Liam saw it while Rich tried to sneak it away into our not-so-secret-hiding-places. I told Rich, "I'm sure he'll forget anyway and be just as surprised as when he saw FedEx deliver it"
A few hours later he went up to Rich with both palms in the air saying "where car go? table"

That's all from me. Happy wrapping this weekend if you're a procrastinator like me. May all your boxes be square. Unlike the 85% of mine that are oddly shaped making wrapping terrible.

Merry Christmas Friends! 

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