Cars Birthday

A couple weeks ago we celebrated Liam's birthday with a Disney Cars themed fiesta. There were a total of 7 kids that all had a great time as evidenced by high pitched shrieking shrills.

7 kids ages 3 and under. Everybody needed naps after

I grabbed a cheap pack of stickers to add to the name tags. 
When I have things printed on heavier paper I always go with Staples and have it printed on 8 point glossy. 

If you need cookies for any event at all, go with PetesCustomCookies 
He packages the cookies individually with great care so they arrive intact. Not only do they look awesome, and he does custom orders(see how it says "Liam" instead of "Cars" in the logo) but they taste great and melt in your mouth. 
Seriously, check him out. 

Background is just a cheap plastic tablecloth taped to the wall. Happy Birthday sign from the free printable link above.
Yes, this photo is giving me serious vertigo too. 

Handmade cake.
I kid. I kid. Store bought all the way. 

Don't tell the kids but we're surprising them with a trip to DisneyLand next month!
We've done Disney World many times but Disney Land in Cali has the Disney Cars exhibit. 

Happy Birthday Bud! 

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