Hey Hey You You

If you can finish that song we can officially be friends. #ByTheWayWhereIsAvril ? 

|| o n e ||

I'm dusting off the blog and coming out of my study-cave. I'm in school full time again so my days consist of studying, writing papers, looking up to yell "stop hitting your sister!", and hiding behind stacks and stacks of books. 

|| t w o ||

Olivia and I went to the Princess Ball a few weeks ago and I *may* do a full post on that. Time-willing. How cute is she with Cinderella? All the princesses were there and a few of them sang the songs from their movies or shows and we were all blown away that not only did the princesses look just like the movie princesses, but they could sing just like them too! 

|| t h r e e ||

This weekend is Liam's birthday party. If you ask him how old he's turning he enthusiastically throws up 5 fingers saying "two". Stay tuned for another birthday-party post. If you're new here I have a tab on the top of the page dedicated to my parties. 

|| f o u r || 

Last weekend was our organization's annual convention. My handsome husband was voted into the chairs meaning in 4 years he'll be President of the Midwest Showmen's Association. I know he'll do wonderful things for our club. He already organizes so much in order to raise money for charity and has big plans to fundraise even more. 

The kids have a blast convention weekend because we swim, there's dozens of kids to hang out with, there was a magician, a painting day, and balloon twisters. 

|| f i v e ||

I've had people email and Facebook me asking if I'm still taking Thrive. The answer is yes, yes, yes, oh yes. How else could I run the house, take care of kids, take 18 credits, organize the charity events we're doing, plan birthday parties, and just overall not-die
This stuff allows me to do it all. 
Lemme know if you want more information
and yes, I still drink my iced coffee everyday with it. 

|| s i x ||

It's finally happening! I've wanted a sliding barn door four master bedroom leading into our master bath and Rich just picked up the materials to make it happen. This is his current home-project. Up next for me is to have the house painted a bright crisp white and get rid of the yellowish-alabaster. 

Not our door, but will be similar 

|| s e v e n ||

Are we bored with my Bachelor recaps? Should I keep doing it??? 

|| e i g h t ||

I finished reading The Girl On The Train and couldn't put it down. What's next? I have my eyes on this or this. 

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