Life Lately

|| o n e ||

Liam turned two last week so we had a Cars Birthday party on Saturday and went to Chuck E. Cheese on his actual birthday. The party didn't stop there because two days after his birthday we had a little stay-cation. We rented a hotel near town so we could swim, order room service, watch movies, and eat popcorn. 

Olivia: Hey look! They have candy! (When spotting the vending machine)
Me: Keep moving

We went to dinner at Pizzeria Pezzo which was honestly the best pizza I've had since New York City. I ate at Lombardi's in NYC years ago and have been picky about pizza ever since because Lombardi's was SO.DEL.IC.IOUS.  I've had pizza when I went to Italy and still couldn't top New York's. I'm very picky and Little Caesars and Pizza Hut just never do it for me. If you're in the area try the #10. I saw ricotta and goat cheese and was immediately sold. The kids were given little plates with pizza dough and flour so they could pretend to make their own dough. Very cute. 

There was a group of 8 year old girls in the pool when we were in there having a birthday party and Liam promptly crashed the party. They seemed to like him so it was all good. 

|| t w o || 

Since my kids are so deprived and never get anything the fun still doesn't stop there. We booked our trip to California to go to Disney Land in 2.5 weeks. Very spontaneously. The kids have been to Disney World numerous times and we have to go to 'Land because they have this: 

Liam's going to shriek "Cars" over and over and over the entire time we're in Radiator Springs. I'm sure of it. 
We're going to pick Olivia up from school and head straight to the airport not telling them where we're going until we get there. Stay tuned because I'll blahhhhhhgggg alllllllll about it. 

|| t h r e e || 

Olivia and I went shopping this weekend for our dresses for our friends' wedding. Matron of Honor gown and a flower girl dress. I'll leave it to you to figure out which is whom. 

Can you spot the overly proud, obnoxious, mama-razzi? 

|| f o u r ||

Our Super Bowl party is this weekend which is our biggest party ever. This will be 10 years (I think??) of Rich and I hosting it. We go big. Stay tuned. Plenty of Soup-Herb-Bowl recipes and decorations coming your way you lucky reader, you. 

|| f i v e ||

Saturday we're going to another annual celebration: the giant tree burning festival at my friends' uncle's house on the lake. Last year: 

Minnesotan-Red Neck Life: fires, party, snow mobiles, beers, all on the lake. 
There's a full bar in a heated tent, band, and more. Her uncle knows how to throw a party!

|| s i x || 

In two months my gals and I will be taking a girls' weekend. We're renting a huge house in Duluth for my pal's bachelorette party! 
Do I ever sit still? Nope. 

|| s e v e n || 

Is anyone else ready to quit Facebook? So ready. 

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  1. Omg I lol'd all through your post! A spontaneous trip to Disney...can't get any better than that!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Glad I could give you a laugh ;)

  2. I have never heard of a tree burning festival, but it sounds like a good excuse to have a party to me! Thanks for sharing!

  3. That tree burning festival sounds really cool!! I loooooooove Duluth!! My oldest has a tournament there in April and I can't wait to go. Have fun! And yes I'm with you on Facebook. Ugh. 😒


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