New Year's Eve Bash {thrown together in 4 hours}

When I woke up December 31st I had no idea we'd be hosting a party that evening. Rich and I made plans with friends and since most of us have kids now we decided to make it easy on everyone and just have it at our house. After quickly texting the main group of friends I went shopping. We served apps and provided champagne and decorations. 

You know me and parties, I love a good theme and my middle name is 'Overboard'. Okay, it's actually Madelyn, but overboard should be my middle name. At all times I'm in the process of planning at least 1-2 parties at a time. Right now: Liam's second birthday in two weeks (Disney Cars themed), my friend's co-ed bridal shower next month and her bachelorette party the month after that. 

By the way, there's a new 'page' on the blog along with a search bar. You can click 'party' and see all the themes I've thrown in the past including our Beerlympics, Liam's lumberjack party, Olivia's pink and gold princess party, and one of my all time favorites: Rich's 30th surprise party where we had a Comedy Central style ROAST! 

Back to the party.
Everything was from either Target or Party City and was CHEAP! 

 Plates, napkins, flutes, straws, hats, horns, and gold confetti dots all from Target. 
Everything under $4

Rose gold (non shedding!) sparkle tablecloth I already had from Olivia's princess party.  I can't remember where I bought it but similar here. 

Large champagne balloon from Party City for $9.99

I made meatballs, a veggie platter, jalapeño dip, red neck sushi, potato skins (not shown, recipe found here), Mexican roll (not shown), and cucumber bites. 

- 4 pounds of frozen meatballs
- jar and a half of BBQ sauce
- 1 cup grape jelly
- 1/2 cup of sweet chili sauce

Everyone does the standard BBQ sauce and grape jelly but I add a 3rd secret ingredient. Wink face! 

Recipe found here

Recipe found here
Liam almost made it to 8pm. Olivia almost made it to 10pm. I almost made it to midnight. Staying up late isn't my thing. I woke up bright and early at 6am to clean up. 

My friend texted me asking if we were dressing up or down. I said I was wearing my fancy pajamas and sent her this pic. 

That's probably why I fell asleep so early, I was too comfortable. 

Hope everyone had a great new year! I'm sure the gym will be ridiculously packed for the next week or two.... 

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