New Year, New Me. Right? I know. I know. Resolutions are great for about a month then you break them all. Me too. However, I usually always set them. I figure if I share them here I'll really stick to them. Last year I told myself to get better at cooking and baking and I actually accomplished that. I screwed up an ample amount of dishes along the way but just the other day I made home made lasagna and Rich commented on how great my cooking has become. Sure the smoke alarm still goes off here and there but hey, progress - not perfection. 

|| o n e ||

Lose weight. Blah blah blah. I joke that I still need to get rid of my baby weight all the time. My baby is going to be two in two weeks. Oops. I just finished week one of Kayla Itsine's Beach Body Guide. Everything hurts but I'm glad it does. I forget what I paid for the entire workout plan ($60?) but you can find most of the workouts on Pinterest. Follow my board here where I pin workouts as I see them online.

Need inspiration? Some of my favorite real life BBG'ers on Instagram: @jaeatleta @mysweatlife @activelyrees

|| t w o || 

Finish school. Why go back at 32? I was pursuing nursing when I was in my early 20s. I was working at a hotel front desk at the time. I'd been doing it for a few years and was promoted to sales coordinator. I was still doing school but my new position and new pay slowly began to take priority over classes. Eventually I was promoted a few more times over the years until I eventually was Director of Front Office of a 400+ room hotel. I was making bank while the rest of my friends still had "high school" jobs finishing college. I was working long long hours and stopped going to school at some point during all the promotions. Well the hotel was sold to a new company that laid off all the management and brought in their own. I was job-less and behind in schooling. Rich and I were dating and he told me to quit the hotel business and join him on the road as a carnie. The idea of having winters off to travel was enough to convince me to join him.

I even went back to hotels working as a sales manager a few years later because I hate being bored --- even though I wasn't fully in love with it. Olivia was born and I decided to be a stay at home mom. 3.5 years later and I'm still bored. I love studying and learning and want to pursue what I started over 10 years ago.
I'm doing the medical assisting program starting this coming Monday while I finish the rest of my pre-reqs for the nursing program.

|| t h r e e ||

Start saying NO more. I get it from my dad. I tell him all the time he needs to say no more but neither of us can help it. When someone needs something we do it. I fill my plate all too often and stress myself out. My family and school take #1 priority.

|| f o u r ||

Don't get pregnant

|| f i v e || 

Fill up the gas tank more and stop ignoring the dinging. 
Remember that scene in ghost when Whoopi's body was taken over by Swayze? I feel like as I typed that sentence above that my husband - who is very much alive - took over my typing hands and wrote that himself. 

It drives him nuts when every time he gets in our van the tank is nearly empty. But I'm usually late for something and I forget. 

|| s i x ||

So let's add Stop being late to the list.
Even though I've already failed at this one a number of times a mere 7 days into 2017. 

|| s e v e n ||

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