Shoes for Picky Kids

My kids have more than enough pairs of shoes. It's a little absurd how large their caboodle is. Is it my first day ever parenting on Earth? Sometimes I act like it but honestly, most of their shoes, especially the pricy ones are gifts from family and friends. I think the most I ever spent on shoes were Liam's Sperry's that I got at Famous Footwear with a sturdy stock of coupons. 

Olivia is very picky about what goes on her feet. She's also very independent and insists on dressing herself. Needless to say we try to avoid anything with ties for her- for now. 

Liam is obsessed with "sues" and has more "sues" than he needs. He's growing like crazy so I really try not to spend much on his "sues". I was chatting with my friend the other day who is a pediatrician (so she knows kids) and she saw that Liam was wearing 4T-5T socks. She asked what size shoe he wears and when I said "9" her jaw hit the floor.
He's a big boy! He's obsessed with cars and for the most part wears his Uggs (that were a gift!) or his Cars crocs. 

I bought him those Cars slippers for Christmas for just $6! He can take them on and off himself and since they're slippers there is no "wrong" foot. For playgrounds or public spaces he usually wears his Nikes. I have my hungry eyes on those navy suede high tops for him especially because they're so cheap. 

I know I just said we avoid ties for Olivia but these New Balance tennis shoes just slip right on and off for her. Great for pre-school play.

She has a few pairs of simple black Mary Janes that go with nearly everything. I have to make her wear tennis shoes to school because she insists on wearing "pretty" shoes or anything glittery or "princess-y".

I found those unicorn slippers and ordered them ASAP, especially because they're under $15.

She loves her pink ugg boots. Again - a gift. I could never spend that much on shoes for my kids. When these lovelies showed up in the mail a few months ago I squealed with excitement.

What shoes do you swear by for your kids? I genuinely love hearing what works and doesn't from other parents. I love Crocs for Liam. Easy on, easy off and they come in tons of fun characters and patterns.

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