! TWO !

 Only 5 days late to this one but this big guy turned TWO on the 24th. As a baby he was the easiest. As a toddler morphing into a young child he's pretty darn good at testing our patience with his insane rowdiness. I feel terrible sometimes with how exhausted he makes me. 

He's a dare-devil who will test how many stairs he can jump down at one time. To be fair, I did that as a kid. However, I was probably 8 or 9 ---- NOT TWO! 
No jump is too big, no Liam is too small. 
You can find him on top of the table, crawling in and out of his crib, somehow on top of the counter tops red handed with his hand in the cookie jar, and tumbling down stairs without making a peep.
He falls so much that I swear (!) he never ever cries about it. 

He's almost always in need of a clean shirt within 15 minutes of getting him dressed. 
His hobbies include Cars, Paw Patrol, and making his older sister cry. 
Olivia loves lining up all her princesses and Liam waits for the perfect moment to run over and kick them all over sending her into a fit of screams while he runs away laughing. 
She'll tell you all about it, even up until 10th grade, I'm sure of it. 

Rich and I are frequently told by a blubbering Olivia that "he... he... he... he was MEAN to me" pointing to a toothy-grinned Liam. 

His word-stock isn't very large but (I kid you not) he can clear as day say "I want a cookie". That's his only sentence. No joke. He does say "tay-too" to thank you. His sister is "Wibby" and Biscuit is referred to as "boo-boos". 
"peas"   please
"suze-ya"   excuse you
shriek-screams-that-hurt-your-ears   = I want that and you told me no

When I get home from school or grocery shopping he's the first to come bolting to the door with his arms out shouting Mama! Mama! diving into me with a huge hug. 
He snuggles into my chest saying "cozy" and "much" which means I love you so much. 

Nearly every photo we have of this kid he's smiling with his big toothy grin so hard that his eyes squint which is exactly how Rich smiled as a kid. 

Happy Belated Dude. 

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  1. Happy Birthday Liam!! The 24th was my oldest son's birthday, he turned 5. It's a good day to celebrate!


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