Disneyland 2017 Part One: The Gross

As I mentioned before, Rich and I planned a very spontaneous trip for the four of us to go to Disneyland just 2 weeks after we got the idea. We told the kids we were going somewhere but didnt tell them where. 
We dropped Olivia off at pre-school and when we picked her up later that afternoon we went straight to the airport. Prepare yourself if you have a weak stomach but here we go.....


The kids did great on the flight. The kids and I had our own row and Rich was just across from us. Both kids slept and were very well behaved the entire 3+ hour flight. 

Both kids are fascinated with pilots and incorrectly calls them "pirates". When we got off the plane Liam was smiling and waving at the pilot then darted for the cockpit. I panic-grabbed him and the captain say "it's okay, come on up buddy!" Liam went for buttons to push and again I told him "no no no!"
Captain: "It's okay, push whatever you want. Have a seat!" 

His day was made

We got our luggage and an uber. Again, both kids were totally FINE! Because of LA traffic it was estimated that our ride would be 1.5 hours. All is well with me in the backseat with the kids and Rich up front. Yes, we had carseats. Settle down internet police. Roughly a half hour into our ride, Liam PROJECTILE VOMITS ALL OVER THE ENTIRE CAR. Hitting the driver and everything. I put myself on top of him to try and catch most of it with my clothing but it didn't work. 
Rich takes his shirt off to try and wipe up the mess but he might as well of handed me a tissue to clean up a gallon of milk spilling. That bad.
The car reaks. I apologize profusely and the guy just keeps saying 'it's ok'. Even though I know it's not. 
Olivia wants her clothes off, Liam wants his clothes off, I want my clothes off. Two out of three of us got to take our clothes off. 

Maybe 45 minutes later, Olivia PROJECTILE VOMITS ALL OVER THE ENTIRE CAR. If there was any part of any clothing or part of the car that was puke-free, it was now covered. I mean it was in our hair and all. The driver offered to pull over so we could get new clothes on from our suitcase in the trunk but I only packed exactly the amount of outfits we all needed for the weekend so we could just pack one suitcase. I didn't know if they'd ralph again ruining more clothes so I declined. 

Fast forward- we walk into our hotel to check in and just picture it... Mom covered in vomit. Covered. Dad wearing just shorts that are covered in vomit. A 3.5 year old in just her undies. A 2 year old in just his diaper. Everyone ahead of us waiting to check in quickly told us to just go ahead of them. Thank you!

We get to our room and all shower together. Then..... they were FINE! What the hell was that guys? 

We stayed at the Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel which was perfect. We didn't stay "on" the resort like we typically do. We were trying to keep it a little cheaper since we planned it in just two weeks. The room was huge. Tons of space for them to run around and get their wiggles out before bed. 

The reviews show that the hotel is just across the street from Disney but this isn't entirely true. There's no way to walk there from the hotel with the traffic and the highway. The good news is, there is a shuttle that runs every half hour dropping people off and picking people up. 

I don't have personal pics from the hotel so here is a stock photo from their website showing why the kids called it "our castle home"

+ Huge room
+ Great restaurant. Great breakfast with a large buffet.
+ Disney help desk
+ Nemo and Dori were in the fish tank in the lobby. Both kids said hello and goodbye to Nemo and Dori every time we walked into or out of the lobby. 

+ Not many. I kept seeing Starbucks cups and got excited but unfortunately, no S.Bucks in the hotel. I still don't know where everyone got them.... 
+ Since it's not an official Disney hotel, the restaurant isn't the most kid friendly place but it was never packed. 
+ The washing machines were broken when we were there. See above for why this wasn't great for us. 

Stay tuned. Tomorrow I'll blahhhhhg all about Day 1 at Disney California Adventure Park. 

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