Little Man Style

I love dressing Liam. I hate when people say there's never anything cute for little boys. I especially love that he's at the age where he doesn't yet have a say in what he wears so I keep it one of two ways: Little Gentleman Preppy or Funky-Funny-Fresh. 

Just Ride sweats: Liam is wearing these sweats right now with the T-Rex skateboarding tee. I saw these at the store and had to immediately get them. I paid full price but it looks like if you get them online they're cheaper! 

Regulators Tee: I love this shop. I've actually purchased a lot of items from them including the 'sippy cup', mini van tee, and more. Check them out, but only if you like 90's rap and have a sense of humor. 

Jordan High Tops: My friend bought Liam these shoes for his birthday they're an instant favorite in our house. I want him to wear them everywhere but somehow keep them bright white at the same time... 

Sperry Shoes: I can't get enough of these for myself and Liam. I love mine and need more.  He outgrew his first pair I got him and even though he has MORE THAN ENOUGH shoes (see this post here for proof - he does indeed have all those shoes in the layout) I can't help but want to get him a new pair, maybe in navy. 

Muted Camo Pullover: Oh my what can I say about this company? I'm in love with every single thing they make for girls and boys. I just wish they'd make this sweater in my size because it's so soft. 

T-Rex Skateboarding Tee: I bought this at H&M and paid full price, just like the jogger pants, they're on sale online right now! Don't wait! 

Poplin Pants: I don't own these yet but will definitely purchase in all 3 colors because the price can't be beat. These can either be long or cuffed up then buttoned to become capris. Perfect if you size up and don't want your little dude tripping over his long pants. 

Sweater: Are you guys getting mini Scott Disick vibes with this sweater as well? 

And of course..... my favorite shirt of all: 

My shirt I made!  Shop here. Just $20




  1. Omg those Sperry's are adorable!! I love little boy clothes! I have a daughter and I always find myself looking over at the boy section like whyyyyy are those clothes so much cuter!?!

    Renee | Life After Lux

  2. OMG that shirt is too cute! All the picks are adorable.


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