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Quietly popping in from my bed because I have two little gals sleeping next to me. Yes, Olivia is wearing a full fledged formal dress --- to nap time. My friend asked me if we could watch her daughter a few days and when I told Olivia her little friend was coming and that I would need her help she shrieked with excitement. 
She's obsessed with her and still hasn't stopped asking if she can have a baby sister. 

Semi-related but I've been asked (through the blog and in real life) how I keep our sheets so white. I've had these for about a year now and they still look brand new. Wash with HOT water, the regular amount of detergent, a 1/4 cup of bleach, with an extra rinse cycle. They look brand new still with two toddlers and a dog that sleeps in bed. 

Clinic I is over in school and I start Lab I on Tuesday. Finished off the intense first 8 weeks with a 93%! Nailed it. I was wearing my lab coat and scrubs the other day and now Rich won't stop calling me Bill Nye the Science Guy. 

I'm hosing a co-ed bridal shower in less than a month and we're doing an 'I Do BBQ theme'. I can't wait to show you all that I have planned but here's a little sneak peak: 

Purchased here on Etsy
These invites also from Etsy
Backyard string lights, bonfire, some country music, BBQ comfort food, and celebrating the couple. 

Is anyone else still crying from last week's This Is Us? Every time I watch the show --- I cry. Without fail. Rich walked in on one of my blubber fests and without skipping a beat said, "PMS'ing pretty bad, huh?" Thanks babe. 

I finally did what all the cool kids are doing and bought this bad boy. I'm in love.

I just ordered myself a new spring purse. (God I love online shopping!) I have a lot of dark colored purses so this is a pretty spring time color that will go with everything. Under $60 doesn't hurt either!

Purse found here 

I just started reading this book and am resisting the urge to just jump right into the tv show. Has anyone read it/watched it? Thoughts? 

You guys know what a big Sperry fan I am. I know, I know, Spring is around the corner but these pretties are on sale RIGHT NOW for just $70!

Have a great weekend!
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