Disneyland 2017: Part Three: Our Little Cinderella

Our second day in Disney we went to the actual Disneyland. 

We finally had a no-rain, no-barf day!

We went to Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique first where Olivia got a princess makeover with her fairy godmother. Worth every penny!


She chose a new princess dress then it was time for hair, nails, and makeup.


The reveal. She didn't see herself until the very end: 

She badly wanted a pair of Cinderella heels but mean mom said no way. Im no Miss Cleo but I could see her complaining that her feet hurt almost immediately after walking in them if we allowed her to get them. 

We went across the way to ride Dumbo. While in line we saw Princess Aurora and Merida. Merida is my favorite princess so it was kind of a bummer that we were in line and didn't get out to get a photo with her. 

After a few rides we went to meet Minnie, Mickey, and Pluto.

The wait was only 10 minutes to meet Minnie, then you get to walk through her house. 

The wait for Mickey and Pluto was a lot longer but their house was a lot bigger and way cool. 

We didn't make any dining plans because I thought one character experience was enough for a weekend. When you make too many plans you're on that schedule and have to race through the park to get to each reservation. Cancelling reservations too late and you get a fee, wanting to change your reservation time? That's almost never able to be accommodated. 
We had burgers at Galactic Grill which is the Star Wars themed part of the park and they were delicious!

Again, I snap chatted most of the day so I don't have permanent photos to share. So dumb. We went on tons of rides then headed back to our hotel for naps in the afternoon. We found this was the smartest way to go so they could enjoy the parks early in the mornings, take great naps, then head out again for evening activities. 

When we returned in the evening, Goofy was there to greet us. Liam of course demanded a fist bump like he did with Princess Anna. 

Rich and Olivia went on scary rides while Liam and I did some shopping and character finding. 

We stayed for the Main Street Magical Lights Parade which the kids LOVED. 

*Not my photo*

Rich and Olivia stood in line to ride race cars after the parade and Liam passed out for the night in his stroller while waiting. He slept through the fireworks and slept through carrying him out of the park, on the shuttle, into bed, and slept so hard that we had to physically wake him up the next morning to go to the airport --- where he slept again on the plane. Big weekend for a little guy. 

+ We rented strollers from Disney instead of bringing our own. Less stuff to carry on and off the shuttle. Stroller rentals are only $15 each or 2 for $25 for the entire day. Save your receipt. When we left in the afternoon we returned our strollers, then when we got back we just showed our receipt to get two new ones. Disneyworld strollers are a bit more expensive so this was a nice surprise when we found out they were pretty cheap. They DO NOT have double strollers so keep that in mind in your adult to kids ratio. 

+ SAVE YOUR TICKETS! When you leave they put a clear stamp on your hand that you can see under a blacklight but when you return they scan your ticket and your photo appears - they didn't even check our hands. 

+ Bring water. A bottle of water is $4.58. That one sucked. Olivia "stole" a bottle of water from a vendor and opened it. I walked up to the cashier with two dollars in my hand and was shocked when I heard the actual price. Buy your $2.50 waters from your hotel and bring 'em with in a backpack. 

+ Snacks. We brought goldfish and pretzels to munch on. Otherwise you're spending $6 for a tiny bag of popcorn to share. 

+ Fast pass? I highly highly highly recommend these in DisneyWORLD but we never once used them in Disneyland. I think the longest we waited for a ride was a little under 60 minutes for the Toy Story ride and it was worth it. This is when the snacks and your cell phones come in handy if you have young ones. 

+ While we had an absolute blast but if given the choice, I would do Disney world over land anytime. 

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  1. Great tips and what a fun getaway! Love that you can see the paparazzi in the back of the makeover reveal pic!


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