Olivia's Birth Story

She came into this world at 41 weeks exactly but let's go back to July 1st when I was 39W6D and hoping to be induced.

I checked in to the hospital to prepare to be induced because of our summer schedule we wanted to be sure Rich would be present for the birth. The 4th of July is our busiest day of the entire year and we were praying she wouldn't arrive on the 4th the entire pregnancy. My midwife told me we could plan on July 1st but that there was a good chance I could be sent home if my body just wasn't ready. I was checked and told that unfortunately today wasn't the day and was sent home after a couple hours. On our way out to the car I was pretty bummed out but we both agreed that July 1st just didn't feel like her day. We went to iHop because I needed some pancakes to cheer me up. When we sat down I got a call from my best friend who was due a couple weeks after me.
She was headed to the hospital right as we left!
Sebastian was born on July 2nd, 2013 - my due date! We went to visit them in the hospital and on our way through the birth center a nurse asked if I was checking in.
"Oh no. Not yet!"
I held teeny tiny little Sebastian and was so proud and happy for my best friend. She asked if I was mad which was ridiculous! Absolutely not. I was so happy for her and her husband and said I'd never ever forget his birthday.

Fast forward to 6 days later:
7am: I woke up on Monday, July 8th, 2013 at 40W6D pregnant and walked waddled to the bathroom. I was wearing a dress-like nightgown (so no shorts or pants) and my underwear fell to the ground. 

T: OHMYGOD! Rich, wake up!!!

R: What??? 

T: My water broke!!

R: ….

I got in the shower, blow dried my hair, put on some makeup and changed over the clothes that were in the washing machine so they wouldn't get moldy while we were gone. I was pretty relaxed considering what was going on. I had no contractions so I wasn't in a hurry to rush to the hospital. Rich was flying around the house while I was sitting on the steps videotaping the dog- I don't know why- she wasn't doing anything un-dog like. 

We got in the car and I nonchalantly said, "It's trash day, don't forget to put the garbage on the curb". Looking back I'm glad Olivia didn't come on a day I called 'Trash Day'.

8:30ish am: We arrived at the hospital and were assigned our room. I changed into my beautiful hospital robe and then we played the waiting game. We waited. And waited. The nurses told us to get up and move around, take a walk around the hospital. So walk we did. Leave it to Rich and I to get lost in the hospital; somehow we ended up right outside the morgue. We saw a random elevator in a weird hallway and since I watched a lot of Scooby Doo as a kid, I wanted to go explore the mystery elevator. As soon as the doors opened and we saw the giant MORGUE sign we scurried back into the mystery elevator and pressed the up button 16+ times. Someone should probably put an 'Employees Only' sign on that elevator.

We bought snacks and a newspaper from that day in the gift shop and headed back to our room. By now it was almost noon and I was tired of walking. Still no contractions.

1pm: 6 hours into "labor" the nurses decided to start me on Pitocin to get things moving since nothing was happening on its own. I began having very small contractions but I didn't feel a thing still. We played Skipbo and watched TV waiting for something to happen.

3pm: All of a sudden… contractions. It was now 8 hours since my water broke which meant we had 16 hours left to get the baby out without having to do a C-section. I didn't want to have to do a C-section so when I finally started getting contractions I was excited.

4pm: I watched Ellen, my all time favorite show and it was a rerun because of the holiday. Which episode? The mother's day special where all the women were pregnant and getting gifts! I applied to be in the audience and unfortunately didn't win. It was like a big kick in the ass seeing that episode be on and all the cool stuff those lucky moms were getting. 
4:30pm Pain was intensifying. I sat on the bed on my hands and knees facing the back wall and moaning. I decided now was the time to get the epidural.

5ish pm: Dr. came in to administer the epidural. I vomited from the pain and bawled my eyes out.. I wasn't crying from the pain, I cried emotionally for reasons I couldn't understand at the time. Looking back it was because I realized everything was actually going to happen, that it was real, that our little girl would soon be in our arms. I was crying because I was scared and excited at the same time and the emotions were too strong for me to deal with at once.

6pm: Epidural kicked in and Mama's feeling great. I couldn't feel my legs from my waist down and it was the craziest feeling. I kept thinking my leg fell off the bed and asked Rich to pick it up for me and put it back on the bed. He politely tells me numerous times that my legs are on the bed and haven't moved.

Nap time.

8ish pm: Her heart rate dropped. Nurses and doctors came running in and they threw an oxygen mask on me. I cried hard because I didn't know what was going on. I looked at Rich and said "I don't care what happens to me, I don't care if they have to cut me open right now with no meds, just get her out and safe". I slowly stopped crying when Rich started saying her rising heartbeat out loud to me "100.. 110…120…130…135…" I don't know what I would've done without him holding my hand next to me kissing my head during those 18 hours of labor.

9ish? Epidural started wearing off and I could feel everything. I could move my legs again. Painc set in because the contractions were coming closer and closer together. They gave me morphine and WHOA.  I felt high as shit. Looking back I would have turned down the morphine because I was pretty high at that time and extremely tired after childbirth.
It was this time that I decided I (high-outta-my-mind) wanted Goldfish crackers. The nurse said no, I looked at her and said, "gimme some g--damn goldfish". I got a popsicle instead.

It was a blur until about 11pm. My favorite nurse's shift was ending and I didn't want her to go. She left the room for a second and I started crying.
R: Why are you crying?
T: (Like a little kid talking about their mom) I don't want her to leave (I sobbed)

The nurse, Katie, came back in and asked why I was crying.
R: She doesn't want you to go.

I got a big hug and she told me (child-like) that it was her son's birthday and she had to get home to him. She was the sweetest nurse ever and I hope she's around for #2's arrival. 

July 9th, 2013 @ 1am: Fully dilated. Pushing time! The midwife asked if I wanted a mirror to see. No. No. No! No Thank you! She grabbed my hand and put it on her head and I yelled "No!" I don't know why, I just didn't want to see or feel anything down there, I just wanted her OUT. 

At 1:43am our little Livi Lou made her grand entrance in the world.

When it was time to move into our room that we'd be staying in the nurse helped me up and onto a wheelchair. I looked at her name tag and couldn't make out her name because I was so dizzy. It was only 3 letters and I couldn't read her badge. Amy? Kay? Sue? Something short and I couldn't read it. I told her I was going to pass out and then I don't know what happened. I lost a lot of blood and was told later that I was anemic. I couldn't hold my baby on the way to our room but thankfully Rich did. I had a very strict rule that one of us would always be with her at all times no matter what and thankfully we never had to be separated. 

Rich took Olivia to her hearing test and came back looking visibly upset. I asked him how it went and he said, "not good" she failed and handed me a sheet about babies failing their hearing tests and preparing to have a deaf child. I panicked inside but told Rich that everything would be fine and let's just wait and see. Very un-Teri like to be so cool and calm about that. A few hours later they tried again and she passed! The nurse chalked it up to her being tired. 

We didn't decide on her name until she was roughly 12 hours old. Olivia was always a name we liked and I had her name down to a few choices and let her 'decide'. Rich was stuck on the name Chloe and even called her Chloe a couple times. I just didn't feel like she was a Chloe so I asked her: 

T: Are you Chloe?
O: ....
T: Are you Charlotte?
O: ....
T: Are you Olivia?
Her eyes shot open and she stared at me. 
T: Well hello Olivia Louise O'Neil. 

Louise is after Rich's Nana. We knew from the get-go that Louise would be her middle name because of how important Nana was to Rich. Louise would have been 100 years old the year Olivia was born.

The very first thing I noticed about my baby (other than her swollen right eye) was her chin. I stroked it and commented on what a cute chin it was. I've never been a "chin" person- if there even is such a thing, I just remember being so obsessed with her chin. To this day I still stroke her chin remembering how cute it is. 

It took me 17 months to write her birth story- let's hope #2 doesn't take as long!


  1. I love this! You had me laughing so hard! It's almost exactly like my Olivia's birth story - except I didn't get the damn popsicle. Or jello in my case. Next time? Stashing some snacks. We didn't name Olivia until 12 hours later either. We both had favorite names, but had a long list just in case. We looked at each other and said "damn it, she looks like an Olivia." Not either of our favorites, but seemed so fitting. I loved reading this story. Can't wait to read about baby number two. Probably in 18 months.

  2. I love this birth story, I can relate to some parts but you truly made this such a funny thing to read


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